The Site OverWatch System (SOS) includes: creation of 3D modeling of your asset. This will be the map for all future flight planning as well as flagging of deficiencies and areas of interest. The primary gas imaging flight uncovers fugitive emissions and simultaneously develops a flight plan for future scans. Our secondary scan includes complete ground coverage of your assets to ensure our analysis is correct. We follow up all scans for leak quantification as per and for company LDAR KPI’s measurement. After the flight, our certified thermographers analyze and input your data into cloud based reporting software for your convenience and for ease of data collection. This software is also fully integratable into your Maintenance software for easy deficiency job tracking.
If you currently don’t have a LDAR or FEMP program, don’t sweat it, we do that too!

Post site consultation, our trained pilot and thermographer arrive on site, ready to begin. Our non-intrusive scanning abilities allow us to perform our service with the highest level of safety and the lowest amount of operational interruption.

Our primary and secondary scans are reviewed by certified professional thermographers. All flights are administered by highly experienced commercial UAV pilots.

We pride ourselves in offering the only complete Fugitive Emission Management Service. From beginning to end, we cover the entirety of your facility through detection, to analysis, to reporting on the health of your business.


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